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Raspberry Pi System Software Reference Gay 2014-11-14

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■■Chapter 1: Preparation ...
■■Chapter 2: Boot 
■■Chapter 3: Initialization 
■■Chapter 4: vcgencmd
■■Chapter 5: Linux Console 
■■Chapter 6: Cross-Compiling
■■Chapter 7: Cross-Compiling the Kernel 
■■Appendix A: Glossary
■■Appendix B: Power Standards 
■■Appendix C: Raspbian apt Commands
■■Appendix D: ARM Compile Options
■■Appendix E: Mac OS X Tips 

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The Raspberry Pi, implemented as a System on a Chip (SoC), really does embody the
very idea of a “system”. There are several large hardware components that make up this
complex whole, that we call a system. When we then examine the software side that
drives this hardware, we see another body of components that make up the operating
system software.
As different as hardware is from software, they form a symbiotic relationship. The
hardware provides for external interactions with the world while the software internalizes
its inputs and determines the external actions that should result.

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