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Part I Becoming a Sun Certified Java 2 Programmer
Chapter 1 - Overview of the Java Programmer Exam 
Chapter 2 - Language Fundamentals 
Chapter 3 - Operators and Assignments 
Chapter 4 - Declarations and Access Control 
Chapter 5 - Flow Control and Exception Handling 
Chapter 6 - Overloading, Overriding

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Java 2 Certification,,

In just a few years, Java has become one of the world's most popular programming languages. Java's
initial popularity stemmed from its association with the Web and its capability to deliver executable
content to Web pages. This popularity increased as programmers discovered Java's power, simplicity,
and rich APIs. Java's popularity increased further as both large and small companies invested in
building Java-based information infrastructures.
One of the results of Java's popularity is that there is a high demand for skilled Java programmers and
system architects. However, due to Java's brief existence, experienced Java programmers are hard to
find. Hardly anyone in the field has more than a few years experience in developing Java applications.
This is a problem for both employers and programmers. Employers cannot rely on the traditional
number of years of experience in selecting senior-level Java programmers and software engineers. Star
Java programmers have a hard time differentiating themselves from entry-level Java programmers.
The Java certification exams provide a solution for both employers and programmers. Employers can
identify skilled Java programmers by their certification level. Programmers and software engineers can
attest to their knowledge of Java by pointing to their certification credentials.
The Java certification program is not new—it has been around since version 1.02 of the Java
Developer's Kit. However, a new certification exam—the Java Architect exam—was introduced with
Java 2. The differences between the three exams are as follows:
???? Programmer exam—The Programmer exam tests the candidate's knowledge of the Java
language and basic API packages. Programmer certification is a prerequisite to Developer

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