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VOLUNTEERING is an excellent handbook providing insights and tools to those looking to volunteer, and for those who have taken on the rewarding task of leading and managing volunteers. 

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 Volunteering and managing volunteers can be a complex process. However, this text provides one with a concise and accessible primer on the strategic management of the critical human resources that make many organizations work—volunteers. Burgher and Snyder combine Leadership 101 with the everyday realities of management in mission-driven environments with limited resources. The book is written in a clear conversational style that makes it pleasant to read, and easy to apply to various volunteer assignments. Every volunteer manager and/or volunteerism enthusiast should delve into its pages to find their way or to hone their skills and further discover the fascinating world of volunteering.


  1. So You Want to Volunteer
    1. Self-Assessment: Just Why Are You Here?
    2. Drivers and Motivation
    3. Values
    4. Interests and Skills
    5. Making an Initial Plan
    6. Purpose
  2. Finding Place
    1. Risk-Takers
    2. The Risk-Averse
    3. Who Are You, Volunteer? Who Do You Manage, Manager?
  3. Retaining Volunteers
    1. And, a Special Note for You Managers
    2. Part I: Knowing Where—and Who—You Are
    3. Understanding Who and Where You Are—“KY… Analysis”
    4. Part II: Building the (Cultural) Foundation
    5. Summary
  4. Working with Teams
    1. Building Great Teams
    2. How to Build a Great Team
    3. Team Failure vs
    4. Team Success
    5. The New Paradigm
    6. Maintaining Healthy Teams
    7. Why Do We Do These Things?
    8. In Summary: The Little Team that Could
  5. Planning for Success
    1. Writing Briefs
    2. Scheduling
    3. Paying Attention to the Big and Small
    4. Choosing to Lead and Manage
    5. Leading Balanced Lives (Personal Planning)
  6. Getting and Staying Organized
    1. Managing Yourself
    2. Managing Your Teammates
    3. Supporting Your Managers and Managing Up
    4. Delivering Good Products and/or Service
    5. Summary
  7. What about the Money?
    1. Asking for Money, Making Money
    2. Events and Sales
    3. Philanthropy
    4. Foundation and Government Grants
    5. Finding a Sponsor Match
    6. Summary
  8. The Encore Volunteer
    1. Transition
    2. Attitude
    3. It’s All about Your Leadership, Encores
    4. Summary
  9. The Sustainable Organization
    1. Motivation, Maintenance, and Sustainability
    2. Motivation in Practice
    3. The “First Ten”
    4. In Summary—Practice Management to Attain Sustainability
  10. Celebration
    1. Celebration as Management
    2. Celebration as Recognition
    3. Closure
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