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Sybex, Inc Linux Network Servers

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Part 1: The Basics
Chapter 1: The Boot Process
Chapter 2: The Network Interface

Part 2: Internet Server Configuration
Chapter 3: Login Services
Chapter 4: Linux Name Services
Chapter 5: Configuring a Mail Server
Chapter 6: The Apache Web Server
Chapter 7: Network Gateway Services

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Linux is the perfect choice for an operating system on which to build a network server. Much of the
fame of Linux as a server system comes from its widespread use as a system on which Apache
web servers are built. But the power and reliability of Linux does more than provide a stable
platform for the world's most popular web server. Linux provides all of the most important network
services in a single low−cost package.
Low cost, reliability, and power are propelling the continued growth of Linux as a server system.
Linux has proven to be a cost−effective alternative to high−cost Unix servers. And it has proven
itself to be more powerful and reliable than any proprietary desktop operating system trying to
recast itself as a server operating system. Sales people might lust after the vast desktop market, but
as professional system administrators, we know that the real technical action is with the server

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