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Linux Complete Command Reference

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Part I
User Commands 

Part II
System Calls

Part III
Library Functions 

Part IV
Special Files

Part V
File Formats 

Part VI

Part VII

Administration and Privileged Commands

Part IX
Kernel Reference Guide

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exit(2), access(2), alarm(2), close(2), dup(2), fcntl(2), link(2), mkdir(2), mknod(2), open(2), read(2), rename(2),
rmdir(2), symlink(2), write(2) copyright © 1992 Drew Eckhardt; 1993 Michael Haardt, Ian Jackson.
unlink(2), remove(3) copyright © 1992 Drew Eckhardt; 1993 Ian Jackson.
chdir(2), chmod(2), chown(2), chroot(2), clone(2), execve(2), fork(2), getrlimit(2), gettimeofday(2), kill(2),
nice(2), pause(2), pipe(2), reboot(2), setup(2), stime(2), swapon(2), sync(2), time(2), times(2), umask(2),
uname(2), uselib(2), utime(2) copyright © 1992 Drew Eckhardt (, March 28, 1992.
mprotect(2) copyright © 1995 Michael Shields (
select(2) copyright © 1992 Drew Eckhardt, copyright © 1995 Michael Shields.
acct(2), brk(2), intro(2), ioperm(2), phys(2), ptrace(2), setsid(2), termios(2), ascii(7), crypt(3), environ(5),
ftime(3), ftw(3), group(5), hd(4), intro(1), intro(3), intro(4), intro(5), intro(6), intro(7), intro(8), isatty(3),
issue(5), longjmp(3), mem(4), motd(5), nologin(5), null(4), passwd(5), ram(4), securetty(5), setjmp(3), shells(5),
termcap(7), tty(4), ttys(4), ttytype(5), utmp(5), lp(4), perror(3) copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995 Michael
bind(2), connect(2), flock(2), fsync(2), getdomainname(2), getdtablesize(2), getgid(2), getgroups(2),
gethostid(2), gethostname(2), getpagesize(2), getpid(2), getuid(2), idle(2), iopl(2), profil(2), recv(2),
sigvec(2), undocumented(2), vhangup(2), vm86(2), acosh(3), getdiren-tries(3), ctrlaltdel(8), dmesg(8),
fdformat(8), fdisk(8), fsck.minix(8), ipcrm(8), ipcs(8), sync(8), sd(4), clear(1), clock(8), domainname(1),
mkfs.minix(8), mkswap(8), passwd(1), rdev(8), reset(1), setfdprm(8), setserial(8), shutdown(8), kbdrate(8),
update state(8), chkdupexe(1), cytune(8) copyright 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 Rickard E. Faith
getdents(2), llseek(2), readdir(2), syslog(2), console.4 copyright 1994, 1995 Andries Brouwer (
mount(2) copyright 1993 Rickard E. Faith (, copyright 1994 Andries E. Brouwer
adjtimex(2), bdflush(2), ipc(2), modify ldt(2), obsolete(2), socketcall(2), unimplemented(2) copyright © 1995
Michael Chastain (

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