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Manning - Web Development with JavaServer Pages

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1 Introduction ..

1.1 What is JSP? 
1.2 Evolution of dynamic content technologies 
Common Gateway Interface   ColdFusion 
Active Server Pages   Server-Side JavaScript 
PHP   Java servlets   JavaServer Pages 
1.3 JSP and Java 2 Enterprise Edition 
Java platform editions   Web-based applications 
1.4 JSP benefits 
Performance  Reusable components 
Separating presentation and implementation

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In late 1998 we were asked to develop the architecture for a new website. Our
employer, a vendor of enterprise software for system and network management,
had an unconventional set of requirements: that the site be able to provide product
support data customized for each customer; and that the support data be tailored
to the software the customer had already purchased, as well as the configurations
already selected.
Of course, the website needed to look sharp and be easy to navigate. Management
software, which of necessity must be flexible and support a wide range of
operating conditions, tends to be very complex. This particular software was targeted
at Internet and electronic commerce applications, so using the web as a major
component of product support was a natural fit. By personalizing web-based support
for each customer, this inherent complexity would be reduced, and the customer
experience improved. But how to accomplish that ... and how to do it within
the time constraints the project required?
What we needed was an architecture that would give everyone on the team,
both the designers and the programmers, as much freedom as possible to work
unhindered in the limited time available. The ability of these two groups to
progress independently, without costly rework, was crucial. A solution that could
provide dynamic content as an add-on to otherwise conventional HTML files clearly
was the best approach. We briefly considered, then just as quickly dismissed, the
notion of building our own dynamic context system. There just wasn’t enough time
to deliver both a publishing system and a website.

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