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J2ME Game Programming 2008

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Chapter 1 Java ME History . 
Java’s Acorn . 
Java’s Growth in the Sun. 
What Is Java? . 
Multiple Editions. . .
Mobile Information Devices Everywhere . 
Micro Devices and Software . 
Conclusion . 

Chapter 2 Java ME Overview . . . 
A Comprehensive Toolkit . 
Java ME Architecture . 
Configurations and Profiles . 
The CDC . 
The CLDC .

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About This Book..

This book provides an introduction to programming with Java MIDP classes. It
is not intended to fully explore all the potential the MIDP classes offer, nor does it
offer a comprehensive view of Java programming. Instead, it provides an
introduction to the interfaces provided by the MIDP that allow you to extend
your knowledge if you already possess a basic knowledge of how to program with
The first chapters introduce you to the history of the MIDP and its associated
technologies. In this respect, it is assumed that you have had no previous
exposure to device programming. From there, you move on to set up environments
that allow you to get started. You work wholly on a PC, and instructions
are provided on how to set up all the tools you need to write programs that make
use of the MIDP classes. This book should prove a trusty ally if you have hesitated
to explore device programming because it seems to necessitate learning entirely
new development techniques or accustoming yourself to new programming
environments. Every attempt is made to make the transition into device programming
as painless as possible. Among other things, comprehensive instructions
are provided concerning how to set up both the appropriate Java packages
and the NetBeans IDE on your PC. No other book on the market provides a more
comprehensive treatment of the basics of setting yourself up for developing
device programs.

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