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Three Phase Electrical Circuit Analysis

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Three Phase Electrical Circuit Analysis” is intended to assist undergraduate engineering students who are studying the basic principles of electrical circuit analysis. 

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. Its purpose is to supplement the pre-scribed text book for the course. While the focus of the book is on three phase circuits, the basic principles of AC generation and single-phase circuit analysis is covered in the first two chapters. The analysis of three phase systems connected in both Star and Delta configuration are explained. 


  1. AC Generation 
    1. Objective 
    2. Single phase AC generation 
    3. Three phase AC generation 
    4. Exercises 
  2. Single Phase Circuits 
    1. Objective 
    2. Impedance 
    3. RLC circuits 
    4. AC Power 
    5. Exercises 
  3. Balanced Star Connected Three Phase Circuits 
    1. Objective 
    2. Assumptions and notation 
    3. Balanced Star connected three phase load 
    4. Exercises 
  4. Delta Connected Three Phase Circuits 
    1. Objective 
    2. Balanced Delta connected load 
    3. Delta-Star Transformation 
    4. Exercises 
  5. Unbalanced Three Phase Loads 
    1. Objective 
    2. Unbalanced Delta Connected Circuits 
    3. Unbalanced Star Connected Loads 
    4. Unbalanced Star Connected Load Without a Neutral Connection 
    5. Exercises 
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