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Chemistry for chemical engineers - Dr .Ashleigh J.Fletcher

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Chemistry for Chemical Engineers provides background in the topics of mass and energy balances, which are distinct to chemical engineering. The text provides full descriptions of chemical principles underpinning these areas.

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  1. Quantifying systems
  2. Atoms and bonding
  3. The periodic table
  4. Molecular structure
  5. Mass and volume
  6. The mole
  7. Stoichiometry
  8. Acid-base chemistry
  9. Basic organic chemistry
  10. Basic thermodynamics
  11. Kinetic theory of gases
  12. Physical properties of gases
  13. Equilibria and kinetics
  14. Effect of reaction conditions on the equilibrium position
  15. Liquids and solutions
  16. Colligative properties
  17. Chemical reactions
  18. Hess’s law and temperature dependence of equilibria
  19. Material balances
  20. Energy balances
  21. Biography for Dr. Ashleigh Fletcher
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